New Daiquiri Bar Coming Soon to North Nashville

Nashville, TN – Known as a popular food truck often seen riding around the city, Willie B’s recently announced it will be opening its first brick and mortar restaurant.

Photo by: J'Len Bester
Photo by: J’Len Bester

Willie B’s is a new black owned establishment coming to Buchanan St. The restaurant will specialize in food, drinks, and even fun games. Willie B’s is combining flavors from Nashville, New Orleans, and Memphis.

Owner Christopher Jones developed a love for cooking when he was just a child. In 2016, Jones opened up a food truck that specialized in catering to different events throughout Nashville. Jones believes what makes his food unique is the heavy Creole influence and combination of flavors. Willie B’s will be the only daiquiri bar in the city.

Jones is excited about being so close to other thriving black businesses like cocktail lounge Minerva Avenue and Pizzeria Slim and Husky’s. “The fact that we are all young black thriving entrepreneurs, I think it’s a blessing” he said.

Willie B’s grand opening is set for the end of this year, Mr. Jones however, said it could be sooner.


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