OP-ED: No Surprise Here; Debate Is A Train Wreck, Trump Does Not Denounce White Supremacy

By Jason Luntz
Managing Editor 

At any other time it would be said we witnessed history. That with our own eyes we saw the man who holds the highest office of the land act worse than a kindergarten student on the playground. Yet we cannot say this is surprising, because this President has always presented an avalanche of lies and a complete lack of decorum.

The first presidential debate fell into chaos as President Donald Trump refused to show any civility and allow his opponent former Vice President Joe Biden to answer questions by repeatedly speaking over him and personally attacking not only his character but that of his son Hunter Biden.

During the debate Trump went into his normal play book of using terms such as ‘fake news’ rather than answer questions presented to him by Fox News moderator Chris Wallace. Wallace repeatedly tried his best to reel in the President but was often ignored.

A man like Donald Trump is clearly a bully. Watching the way he treated Wallace and attempted to treat Biden the same is proof of that. Biden did best when he did not allow Trump to draw him in and spoke directly to the American people. It is still to be seen how most American’s will respond to the former Vice President calling Trump a clown or asking him to “shut up, man”.

Moments that would be surprising by any other sitting President include ridiculing Biden for wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic (It must be noted that more than 200,000 Americans have passed away from COVID-19 this year) and blaming recent California fires on leaves and dead trees rather than climate change. There should be no shock however, because Trump has shown us who he is since he first ran for President.

The lowest moment of the night was when Trump, asked by Wallace will he denounce white supremacy, responded with “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” referring to one group the FBI has characterized as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism. He then continued by saying “but I’ll tell you what, somebody’s gotta do something about Antifa and the left.”

What is most disappointing in tonight’s debate is the lack of information shared to the millions of undecided voters across the country. While it is clear that this was Trump’s plan, it must be on Biden to rise above the attacks and focus on his message.

We can go into the list of clear lies that Trump presented tonight, but fact checkers on all the major media outlets will do that for days to come. Rather than focus on that let’s be clear of how much the President’s performance continues the long road of tarnishing the reputation his office holds here at home and across the globe.

It is now clear that Biden can not allow himself to fall into the trap of name calling and pointing fingers. As Jay-Z famously said on his hit song Takeover, “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools. Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.”

The question now is should Joe Biden agree to have another debate? Kamala Harris on CNN said that Biden will never refuse to talk to the American people. So that is to be seen. If we have more debates or not, it is clear that a vote for Trump is a vote for a racist liar who cares only about himself. He has proven time and time again he does not respect your right to vote and will not recognize a free and fair election. The only way we can defeat him is to come out in full force and vote!

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