Mount Westmore Brings West Coast Rap Legends to Nashville

On Saturday, March 26th, Mount Westmore a new legendary West coast rap group made up of rappers: Snoop Dogg, Too $hort, Ice Cube, and E-40 made history in Nashville with their first sold-out show at Bridgestone Arena.

Concert promoter John Smith said, “It was a sold-out crowd of 17,000. West coast rappers don’t tour Nashville.” He continued, “it was exciting seeing Snoop and Ice Cube in Nashville performing. It was a great crowd and performances.”

When you walked into the building it was an immediate feeling of California Love. There were showgirls walking around with signs advertising a Snoop afterparty, and plenty of nostalgic 90s looks ( Death Row shirts, a Tupac look alike, and those who had on their favorite rapper’s graphic tee.)

The opening act of the night was Regulator rapper Warren G, he set the tone for the night performing all his greatest classic hits Regulators, Nobody Does It Better, and a special portion of the show dedicated in memory of the late Nate Dogg.

Mount Westmore ( Snoop, Icecube, Too $hort, E-40) performing Big Subwoofer in Nashville, TN at a sold-out Bridgestone Arena.

After Warren G’s performance, one thing was for certain and two things were for sure the packed arena was ready to experience Mount Westmore. The excitement and anticipation were felt as the group had a video playing their new video Bad MF. Next, it was lights camera action time as the 4 kings rose from the ground centerstage sitting on their thrones. The crowd was roaring as they opened up performing the West coast party anthem, Big Sub Woofer produced by Kate on The Track.

From there it was like we were all a part of a magical rap tournament going round for round. Each rapper took the stage offering their classic hits individually. As the show progressed it was like we were mesmerized by the showmanship of these rap legends and they delivered a full experience. There were professional dancers with poles on the stage, a bar, DJ Pooh and DJ Slowpoke keeping things flowing, and the best part was they all would be singing each other’s songs in support.

At one point, Snoop named himself a translator as he would stand and recite the words and dance when the other members performed.

Some crowd favorites performed were:

  • Snoop Dogg: Next Episode, Gin and Juice, Nothing But a G Thang, Beautiful,
  • Ice Cube: It Was a Good Day, We Be Clubbin’
  • E-40: Sprinkle Me and Choices
  • Too $hort: Bossy, Freaky Tales, Shake That Monkey

Concert-goer Lori Loveless said, “It was so much fun! It was the best rap concert I have ever attended and it took me back to my high school memories.“

There was even a 2pac look-alike who Mount Westmore recognized during their show by stopping in the middle of the show and telling him how much they appreciated him being there as 2pac and honoring him.

Overall, the show was so action-packed and delivered so many hits and good feelings! We know it was a win when they did an Encore performance of Big Subwoofer and Too $hort talked about how much he loved Nashville.

Check out their tour in a city near you and stay updated here:

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