Help To Moms Launches Revolutionary Referral System for Maternal Health Supplies

Innovative Platform Streamlines Access to Essential Pregnancy and Postpartum Supplies for Expectant Mothers Through Healthcare Providers

Nashville, TN – Help To Moms, a pioneering provider of maternal health solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art referral system designed to empower medical practices with the ability to effortlessly order breast pumps and other vital supportive supplies for their pregnant patients. This cutting-edge platform is set to transform the way healthcare providers support women through their pregnancy and postpartum journeys.

“Our platform simplifies the process for medical practices to secure breast pumps and other essential supportive supplies for their expecting patients,” stated Alphonso Harvey, CEO of Help To Moms. “We are dedicated to leveraging innovation in our products and services, and this platform is a testament to our commitment to being at the forefront of the maternal health space.”

Parachute Health, known for its e-prescribing and healthcare supply chain solutions, brings its technological expertise to this partnership, enabling a seamless, digital referral process for physicians. This system not only streamlines the procurement of maternal health supplies but also underscores the commitment of both organizations to innovate within the maternal health space.

The new referral system by Help To Moms is one of the first in the industry, offering a digital solution for referring physicians to easily place orders for their patients. This initiative not only streamlines the ordering process but also ensures that expectant mothers have timely access to the supplies they need to navigate pregnancy and postpartum challenges with greater comfort and support.

Healthcare providers looking to utilize this innovative service can sign up and place digital referrals by visiting

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