6 Best Nashville Neighborhoods for Young Families

By Jethro Hebert

Welcome to Nashville, the city of everything. There are very few places in the U.S. where one can experience old glory blending so seamlessly with modern times. Its premised core surpasses the expected; it’s more than Grand Ole Opry and hot chicken. We’re past the clichés now (although we love and appreciate every bit of them). Since the pandemic, Tennessee, Nashville in particular, has seen a tremendous increase in new arrivals, especially young families who are empirically future-oriented. And that’s how it should be. The unstable job market and ferociously persistent economic crisis sticking to our existentialism like glue have ignited a need for long-term planning and stability, leaving us no choice but to flee big cities and find happiness elsewhere. Nashville proved to be that happy place for many. So, again, welcome to Music City. Let’s look at the six best Nashville neighborhoods for young families.

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Yes, if you’re an aspiring country singer, this is still The Spot. So, why are young families flocking to Tennessee if the “absolute pitch” gene doesn’t run in the family? There’s serious money to be made. Over the years, Nashville has become one of the best locations for growing a career, thriving on technology and health care niches. If you’re a techie, the start-up Mecca is waiting with its door wide open. Education? It’s not only home to Vanderbilt University, but the city’s public and private schools are also exceptionally well-ranked. Tennesseans take their education game quite seriously. Although moving to Tennessee may sound like a handful, we promise you it’s worth it. Hiring an experienced long-distance moving company is your safest bet if you want to reach the city stress-free. One obstacle already crossed!

Graffiti wall in Nashville saying "Looking pretty, Music City" depicts the best Nashville neighborhoods for young families
You sure do Nashville! (Photo by: Jon Tyson)

1. Green Hills

Starting big. Located 7 miles south of downtown Nashville, this affluent neighborhood is one of the most notable and desirable locations in all of Nashville. Young families seeking a suburban feel and enjoying a quieter lifestyle will fall in love with this upscale enclave famous for its tree-lined streets, trendy boutiques, and unique eateries. What about schools? Lipscomb University, JT Moore Middle School, Julia Green Elementary – fantastic options for intellectual and academic achievement. Oh, and before we move on, there’s Bluebird Cafe, the legendary, the one and only. Green Hills is right up your alley if you love living in a vibrant micro-city but also enjoy the quiet.

2. Belmont-Hillsboro Village

This hip and yet historic neighborhood has it all: the finest selection of shops, restaurants, boutiques, two universities (Vanderbilt and Belmont), and affordable housing options (from Tudor-style homes to brick cottages). Museums, galleries, theaters? Yes. The Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood is cozy, relaxed, and above all – wholeheartedly welcoming. As for schools, there are two great options available: Linden Waldorf (private school) and Waverly-Belmont Elementary School (public). Stop by 12 South Farmers Market once – and we guarantee it’ll become your forever must-route.

A couple holding hands while walking in Nashville
Nashville is a great city for young couples. (Photo by: Travis Saylor)

3. Mt. Juliet

This family heaven deserves to be proclaimed one of the best Nashville neighborhoods for young families. Located 17 miles east of downtown Nashville, Mt. Juliet offers an unparalleled quality of life. 6.000 acres of green? Yes, please. This slightly remote neighborhood is one of the fastest-growing communities in the Middle Tennessee region (ranking #14 out of 101 for best suburbs in Tennessee). How do we explain the growing popularity? Easy. It is considered to be one of the safest places in the state. It offers stability and affordable living with a low tax rate and a median income of $91,000. Plus, it’s gorgeous. Camping, hiking, picnicking, golfing – Mt. Juliet’s community takes pride in being nature-oriented. And we love it for it. It is also home to some of the top schools in the state.

4. Brentwood

Bustling scenery? Not in Brentwood. Despite its toned-down atmosphere, the area has been growing with young families and professionals. There must be something to it. Although it’s considered one of the country’s wealthiest neighborhoods (with median home prices reaching up to $500,000 and income up to $135,000), it’s one of the safest and most desirable places for Nashville transplants. Locals have easy access to various outdoor activities – from swimming to hiking – making it a fantastic place to raise a family. High-quality schools (Brentwood Academy), museums, and great restaurants paired with friendly neighbor faces are the reason why Brentwood is on our list.

5. East Nashville

The perfect neighborhood for artsy genes. Its vibrant, quirky, buzzing streets will introduce a sense of a safe yet eclectic community the moment you step foot. East Nashville comprises several beautiful neighborhoods, offering some of the best offbeat shops and street art, and don’t get us started on the food scene. It’s unbearable. Nightlife, fine-dining restaurants, premium bars. Hey, even young families need a night out. The neighborhood started gaining recognition about a decade ago as Nashville’s “progressive potential” favorite. The laid-back community draws in musicians, artists, and the quirky bunch (kids included). Lockeland Elementary School, Nashville Classical Charter School, and Meigs Middle Magnet School are some of the options you’ll be considering.

A Nashville street at night
Join the ever-growing Nashville community. (Photo by: mana5280 |

6. Hendersonville

Every list needs some contrast, so we’re off to Hendersonville. Ranked #16 best place to live in the U.S., not putting this spectacular spot on our list would be considered a sin. A 23-minute drive via I-65 S will get you to or from Nashville downtown. Mountain scenery? Check. Riverside/lake? Yes. Some of the best schools in the state? Indeed. Affordable housing? You know it. Johnny Cash, June Carter, Taylor Swift? Neighbors (past/present tense). Many young professionals and families are willing to trade the short commute for a tranquil base where they can raise their families. Hendersonville is also home to art museums, galleries, trendy eateries, and local spots for a perfect night out. Sounds good?


It all comes down to your family’s wants and needs. You’re the one moving; you get to choose. Getting acquainted with some of the best Nashville neighborhoods for young families (and we mean – physically acquainted – stroll down, spend time, and visit as much as you can) before signing the papers is necessary to reach that final decision.

Jethro Hebert is a freelancer blogger and a columnist, but most of all – he is an avid folk music admirer. His vinyl collection is beyond reason. He feels no regret.

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