Bishop Jerry Maynard Launches Mobile App to Reach Those Outside the Church

NASHVILLE, Tenn – Pastor and Author Bishop Jerry Maynard is proud to announce the launch of “Maximize Your Potential”, a mobile application with the objective of equipping the believers of Christ with the tools necessary to experience an abundance of prosperity in every aspect of their lives. The app will provide daily devotionals and exclusive sermons, that will focus on allowing users a path to discovering their purpose, developing self-confidence and accomplishing the impossible.

Bishop Maynard has also revamped his website allowing for visitors to purchase items through e-commerce as well as follow his upcoming events and download his app.

Bishop Maynard is the prelate of the Fourth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of TN and serves as the senior pastor of Cathedral of Praise Church of God in Christ located in Nashville, TN. For 50 years he has positively impacted lives and by encouraging people to maximize their potential. Now with his “Maximize Your Potential” app he is prepared to educate, encourage, and empower through technology, reaching an entire new audience. “I decided to launch an app to reach out to those who may not want to involve themselves with in-person church services, but are very much interested in developing a relationship with God,” explained Bishop Maynard. “I believe that is the time we live in now, people must be driving to God more so than to institutions.”

Through out his career Bishop Maynard has used the latest tools available him to deliver messages to people outside of the church. He is the founder of Jelama Media Group, a multimedia company committed to bringing new and innovative products to the masses by way of music, books and new media solutions. “I know that many people feel very comfortable a relationship with God through messages, thoughts that God gives. We want to use all technology to share those messages,” said Bishop.

His books and music are now available through his app and website.

Former President and CEO of Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co. and long time friend of Bishop Maynard, Dr. Deborah Cole explains why it should be of no surprise that he is using technology to reach more delivers. “Bishop Maynard is a passionate leader and a forward thinking visionary who possess the ability to execute,” said Cole. “A review of Bishop Maynard’s accomplishments clearly reflect that he is results oriented and capable of managing change.”

Available on both iPhones and Android devices, text the word MAXIMIZE to 1-888-364-4483 or visit to download the “Maximize Your Potential” app today.

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