Averianna the Personality Uses Music to Represent Nashville On the Air

Averianna the Personality is a popular radio personality who can be heard live on the hip-hop and rhythm & blues radio station 101.1 The Beat, every Sunday evening. While she is known to work heavily in the Nashville music scene including a position at the National Museum of African American Music, Averianna’s journey to being a radio personality in Music City began when she least expected it.

As a child growing up, the Haynes Manor native always dreamed of working in front of the camera. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with background in media and communications, Averianna went to Los Angeles in search of success as an entertainment television personality. She worked the red carpet contracting for various news organizations where she seemed to have achieved her goals—but not for long. The contracts would soon dry up, forcing her to head back home to Nashville. From there, Averianna would take another leap, as she would get a multimedia journalist position in Jackson, Tennessee. Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic hit, and her job there was discontinued, again bringing her back home to Nashville.

Although it may have seemed like her career was taking a hit, the setback turned out to be good preparation for where she would end up. “I was talking with DJ C-Dub when I got back to Nashville after Covid shut down my last job,” Averianna explained. “He suggested that I come to work for him at his radio station here, 99.3 FM, which I did not want to do at first, but I eventually tried it.”

She tried her hand at the radio and began to enjoy the experience and feel as comfortable behind a microphone as she did in front of the camera. In the last three years, she has gone from working at 99.3 FM to 96.7 FM to now being a part of the iHeart Radio family at 101.1 The Beat.

The trip to the radio may not have been intended as such, but once there, it’s clear what the mission is: to get Nashville noticed for its local music scene. “It is simply time and long overdue for Nashville to have some respect on its name for more than country music,” Averianna said.

On her popular Sunday evening show Cashville Spotlight on 101.1 The Beat you can catch her highlighting Nashville area artists who are making their mark on the Rap/R&B and introducing her listeners to those who make good music. She is giving them more than the attention they deserve—she’s also representing her hometown city.

Her career has also come full circle where she now hosts ATP’s Music City Check In where she interview some the favorite faces in Hollywood.

Averianna’s unlikely journey is a prime example of being exactly where you are supposed to be at the right time. That along with people stepping in and giving guidance has led Averianna to where she is now and will more than likely continue to guide her to bigger dreams as she continues to grow and emerge as a shining star in the city.

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