Tennessee State University Selects it’s Fall 2019 Newscast

On Sept. 11th Tennessee State University hosted auditions for their Fall Newscast anchors. With about 10 students auditioning, TSU looked to fill six positions.

The two news anchor positions were given to RaShaun Haynes and Eric Crittenden. The interview host was given to Kameron Johnson, Entertainment will be provided by J’Len Bester, Sports will be covered by Arianna Dubose, and Kristina Pegue will be covering the weather. The stand-by anchors and reporters for the Fall are Aytia Boston, Tanasha Lanier, and Mia Thompson.

The students were notified about their new roles about a week and a half after the auditions. It is also been made clear that next school year there will be another audition for the exact same roles.

Mass Communication professors Sean Laflin and Karen Russell are the two that assist the students in running their newscast. The Mass Communication Program at TSU has certain courses that require students to be responsible for finding and covering stories and providing the information for the anchors of the newscast. The News Editing course at TSU is responsible for actually putting the newscast together. One of the main roles for the students taking this course is to proof read every story and place them in the best order for the anchors to read.

The TSU news will premier its very first newscast of the school year on Wednesday Oct. 23rd at noon and will take place every following Wednesday at noon.

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