Prepping for a Successful School Year

Whether heading back to the classroom or back to a digital device this fall, it is important to be prepared. Get your children set up for academic success with the following resources and gear:

• Comfortable workstation: A few considerations will improve ergonomics and comfort, for better focus when working at home. Consider a height-adjustable table or desk as well as an adjustable chair in order to accommodate your growing child’s needs. If possible, select an area for your child to work that gets plenty of natural light. A good desk lamp is also essential.

• Math tools: Did you know that there are free math resources available online that can help to alleviate the challenges posed by remote-learning? Check out Casio’s learning site, available at, which provides math activities, YouTube videos, an online calculator and downloadable resources. The brand also offers a variety of models of scientific and graphing calculators, providing students of all levels with the features they’ll need to make the grade.

• Headphones: With so many distractions that can derail a student’s attention, a good set of noise-canceling headphones can make all the difference.

• Music instruction: Give kids the tools they need to play music wherever and whenever they’d like. With the ultra-compact LK-S250 keyboard, novices can easily learn to play favorite songs using the instrument’s Key Lighting system and library of built-in songs. By connecting to the free Chordana Play app, they can take lessons further by mastering favorite tunes from downloaded MIDI files. The class-compliant USB port connects to any Mac, PC, iOS or Android device with no drivers needed.

• Functional fashion: The best accessories also serve a purpose. Look for a watch that has a range of features that help students stay on task. Check out the Pro Trek line of watches. Its different alarm settings can be used to keep a schedule.

Be sure kids are equipped for a successful school year, no matter where or how their learning takes place.

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