Keeping Math Skills Up-to-Date While School is Closed

The transition from in-person to online learning isn’t easy, particularly when it comes to mathematics, a subject where many students benefit from classroom learning and individualized attention from their teacher.

With closures affecting schools and universities for the foreseeable future, sustaining one’s math skills is very important, as research has shown that academic gains can quickly be lost without practice — on average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of learning in math over a typical summer, according to the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

During the COVID-19 crisis, consider accessing the following free distance-learning tools from Casio America, Inc., which are designed to support educators, parents and students K-12 and beyond:

• Tools for calculation, graphing, geometry, statistics and more can be accessed at, an all-in-one web-based platform with an interactive menu that enables students and teachers to draw geometry figures freehand and input calculations as they would on real scratch paper. Users can also plot data points and add text labels, expressions and pictures to graphs or geometry diagrams.

• Emulator calculator software recreating the functionality of scientific and graphic calculators, including Casio’s PRIZM fx-CG50 and fx-CG500, is supported in Windows and Mac operating systems.

• Downloadable math activities created by teachers for students in grade levels kindergarten through college can help students practice their math skills and learn new techniques for their continuing education.

For access to these resources, as well as online support, visit

Formal class may not currently be in session, but that doesn’t mean the learning needs to be put on hold. Leveraging available resources can help students maintain their math skills so that when schools reopen, students can enjoy a successful return to the classroom.

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