Empowering Nashville’s Future: Doubling College Graduation Rates with Persist Nashville’s Vision

Nashville, TN, August 29th – Persist Nashville, a trailblazing nonprofit, is reshaping the
educational landscape in the heart of Music City by championing college persistence. With
Metro Nashville Public School’s (MNPS) college graduation rate hovering at a mere 27%,
Persist Nashville is taking center stage with an ambitious goal: to unify the community and
double the rate of college graduates. Through their unique blend of coaching, community
engagement, and vital financial support, they are poised to change the trajectory of countless lives.

Persist Nashville’s success story is etched into the lives they’ve touched. Emerging as a beacon of hope, they’ve ignited empowerment in more than 2200 college students locally and beyond, driving an inspiring transformation. Their integrated approach has produced extraordinary outcomes: a remarkable 30% higher enrollment rate among engaged students compared to their Nashville peers. In a significant stride towards equity, Black and Latino students now match enrollment and engagement rates with their white and Asian peers. The momentum doesn’t stop there – Persist Nashville-assisted students outperform their Nashville peers by over 10% in persistence rates, highlighting their unparalleled dedication. Remarkably, a resounding 92% of surveyed Persist students express a strong inclination to recommend the organization to their peers, underscoring the profound impact they’ve made.

“What excites me most about our work right now is that we are addressing a problem, college persistence, which can be solved, and we have a team that can solve it. As a city, we must do better, and we are starting to. We can absolutely double our college graduate rate, but the solution must be scalable,” shares Scott Campbell, Executive Director of Persist Nashville.

Persist Nashville has constructed a robust support system, incorporating innovative methods such as text-based coaching, leadership development, emergency aid, and workforce initiatives. Their impact reverberates nationwide with campuses across the U.S. benefiting from their coaching services. Igniting futures by bridging financial gaps, they consider critical financial support as the backbone of their mission. Over the past year, Persist Nashville has disbursed more than $63,000 in microgrants, offering lifelines to students facing financial hardship. By steadfastly adapting and improving, they remain a steadfast ally in overcoming Nashville’s college persistence obstacles.

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