Entrepreneur Couple to Open Black-Owned Beauty Supply in Antioch, Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Local couple Steven and Whitney Sains are proud to announce the opening of Crown Love Beauty Supply in the spring of 2022. The Black-owned business will be a one-stop-shop for all hair and beauty supply needs. The location will specialize in the beautification of African Americans and will offer premium hair styling products, bundles, lashes, and exclusive accessories.

The Sains have always maintained an interest in entrepreneurship and ownership. Together the couple invests in real estate and have owned businesses with the goal of providing a positive example to their family. The decision to open a beauty supply store came to them naturally as they saw the lack of representation of African Americans in that industry.

Studies have shown that Black shoppers spend nearly $500 million on hair every year—nine times more than any other American community. Yet they own less than 1 percent of the market share. “We need black representation because there is a culture within the black community that needs to be catered to. We need representation that understands the time and effort that black women and men put into their looks. It’s like waking up on Sunday morning with the smell of a hot comb fresh off the stovetop and onto the hair. That is culture,” said co-owner Steven Sains. “It is not about color but about understanding what it means to be black, understanding the pride that comes with loving one’s beauty when we look in the mirror.”

The Sains also saw a need for those living in Antioch and South Nashville to have access to a beauty supply store that is owned and operated by members of the community.

“Antioch has always been my home. I was inspired to open a beauty supply store in Antioch because of a lack of representation in the industry. We have two major beauty supply stores in the 37013 zip code and do not see a dime donated back to the community. This is an industry carried by black women, and black women deserve to feel valued,” explained co-owner Whitney. “That is our intention, to create an environment of customer service where everyone feels welcome and valued. Antioch is where I would like to grow our business, Antioch is where I would like to donate back to the people that support our business.”

The family is also focused on providing a level of customer service Nashvillians are looking for when purchasing their beauty supplies. “This market has an expectation of service and quality we understand what is expected of us when we have customers in our store,” Steven said. “Patience, loving and warm attitude, being an urgent servant to our customers, and respecting each personal uniqueness is important to us.”

Crown Love Beauty Supply’s grand opening will be announced soon, those interested in learning more can contact the business at or visit them at Follow their journey to opening their location at and

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