Community First Title Offers Modern Options to the Real Estate Closing Process

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – LaTonya Martin, CEO & Managing Broker of Grande Style Homes, announced the launching of Community First Title, a title company that leverages technology to streamline and secure the closing process while enhancing the overall transactional experience.

Martin saw the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the process of closing real estate transactions. She realized it was the perfect opportunity to develop processes that would reduce the time, cost, and complexity of completing real estate transactions while providing modern mobile solutions.

With this thought in mind, Martin is introducing digital closing solutions, such as remote online closings and video conferencing equipped closings, which have seen increased demand from agents and their clients even before the pandemic.

Martin’s relationships in the industry allowed her to develop an approach to closing real estate transactions that have been sought after by many in her industry. “Being in the real estate industry and a real estate broker for over 18 years, I‘ve worked with not only buyers and sellers purchasing residential properties, but I’ve also worked with several builders, contractors, cash investors, and land developers” she explained. “While the needs of a new buyer of smaller properties versus an experienced developer can vary in different forms of complexity, we still found that all buyers are looking for ways to save time.”

Community First Title has developed a user-friendly web application that allows for calculating seller net sheets, buyer estimates, and closing costs. The app also eliminates the physical need to bring or mail earnest money. Instead, it uses the same technology most banks use by allowing people to take a photo of a check with their smartphone. In the case of cash closings, Community First Title offers the option to do electronic closings allowing the buyer and a notary to meet online and sign the necessary e-docs. With this technology, the notary can use the computer signature to close.

Martin is offering other services to help update the closing process. “Other services include the option for a notary to come directly to a buyer and seller for mortgage closings and collect the necessary signatures and closing, rather than have to drive to either of our offices,” Martin said. “As well as brokerages eliminating the need to mail any checks. We offer the ability to direct deposit to the real estate firms as well as realtors who closed the deal. There is no delay in your pay with Community First Title.”

Martin is most proud of opening one of the few minority-owned title companies in the state of Tennessee. “In our local area there are not a lot of women-owned title companies, especially one owned by a Black woman,” she said. “My experience having a Black-owned boutique real estate brokerage taught me it is important to always provide the same services, access, and options to customers provided by larger businesses. With Community First Title, we plan to represent that same vision while providing an experience that is user friendly.”

Community First Title has two locations in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN. For directions, hours, and information please visit

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